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Quench - The Brand

 ~ The choices you make when your fears come calling makes you who you are. So choose to fear less, and be more. Celebrate the resolve that says you’ll never let yourself down, and revel in the yearning for a journey that never ends. Feed your thirst for the more in every moment, now is your time. Cut your niche, claim your corner, and make of the world what you will. Because the only limit is your own will. So let the desire never die, and the thirst for supreme never extinguish. ~

As a label, Quench is the reaffirmation of that promise to never bow down to fear. It is the timeless lifestyle of now, then and forever. A celebration that needs no more occasion than the pure joy of being alive. The label features an exclusive line of women’s wear which is handmade with love and care. Every piece is made from fabric which is consciously pure in that they are ethically sourced and produced. The designs are distinct in their minimal pursuit of elegance, avoiding the superfluity of opulent clutter. The cuts are a sexy sophistication of sensuality that does so without trying. Quench is a label of fashion that exudes seductive style in a manner most comfortably eccentric. You wear it, because you are it. Go forth, don’t hide the madness.